Smart Home

Control Your Home from Anywhere

Hoyo Home will help you control your home automation devices remotely and will send notifications for all automated events in your home. Use our platform to create custom schedules or smart timers for automatic actions based on specific time or event. You can easily configure devices and manage the settings of every device individually or you can create highly personalized scenes by combining Shelly devices to trigger certain actions in your home automation. Hoyo Home allows you to build complex automation solutions for improved energy and operational efficiency. All of this - at the tip of your fingers!

Smart features

  • Scheduling
  • Smart Timing
  • Temperature Setting
  • Voice Control
  • Personalized Scenes
  • Eco Mode
  • IoT Sensor Connectivity
  • Energy Monitoring

Our solution topology offers an integrated solution that meets the demands for low cost, high efficiency, unified management, data visualization, energy saving and revenue growth.

Smart home flow

API capability to seamlessly connect to various management systems. Integrate to multiple device types regardless of the hardware manufacturer.

  • Device status and information
  • Energy consumption
  • Maintenance notification
  • Abnormal status alerts
  • Visual layout and map of all devices
  • Quick energy consumption analysis by group or individual device (daily / monthly / yearly)
  • Data visualization
  • Compare usage between groups to identify energy saving opportunities

Enjoy enhanced home automation control and precise monitoring no matter where you are.