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(2024-01/02) TERMS OF REFERENCE (TORS) for the procurement of business support services

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About the procurement

In order to achieve its project goals the company has a need for advanced business support services that are going to help our company in improving its own energy efficiency, be able to meet needed standards and be able to have a clear plan for export. 

By using the EU4EG academy tools we have prepared a technology audit which provided great hints related to the needs/gaps/opportunities for our company. Based on these findings we have foreseen that our company should seek several other services which are listed below. 

The purpose of this part of the Terms of Reference (TOR) is to outline the scope of work, responsibilities, deliverables for the advanced support services that should take place during the implementation stage of the project. As such Hojo Tek DOO Struga is looking forward to deliverables of the following services: 

Two energy audits 

The first energy audit shall present the situation before implementation of the solar panels/other equipment and the second shall provide information after the solar panels/other equipment have been implemented. At the same time, our company is looking forward to finding ways how to develop more energy savings based on the findings of the energy audit. 

Export audit and Export Plan: Conduct the export audit and development of the export plan for the new products developed in the frame of the project. And at the same time support with recertification process for QMS that the company already has. 

All phases of the project will be monitored for their implementation according to the timeline included in the section below. In addition to monitoring, documentation and reporting of the implementation of each phase of the project will be done by the Project team. 

All aplicants should send offers to: finance@hoyo.tech latest by 12.01.2023