Smart Home Case Study

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Smart Home by Hoyo Tech

According to a Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace survey, half of the consumers say smart home technology is important for their current home or their next home purchase, with the most desired smart home automation devices being thermostats, sensors, alarms, and lighting. Homebuyers value existing smart home technology and consider it a major benefit when shopping for real estate.

One of our existing clients has recognized this demand for home automation, approached our company, and requested a home automation demo to incorporate it into their model homes and new builds.


The customer needed a solid, sustainable technology solution on which can base our home automation platform.

The first issue that we faced was integration with different hardware vendors for smart lights, switches, plugs, sensors, and other home appliances. The second issue that we faced was customization and limit for selection of hardware, sensors, or even 3rd party integrations. This led us to think of designing our product that will be open for integration with a large number of different devices that communicate with different protocols and wireless technologies. But the main challenge was to develop a central hub for the smart home automation platform that Hoyo Tech has been developing.


With our Smart Home Solution, we will be able to utilize a large number of different brands of devices and appliances that will be controlled from one central hub instead of many hubs.

We choose to have multiple vendor selection due to the fact that our market customers tend to choose different suppliers for different reasons, one of those being the price. In this way our smart home solution becomes more affordable and accessible for all types of households, ranging from price-sensitive to those that require deep customization. Put it in other words your best value for money solution around.


The principle “humans, not users“ has been becoming more and more relevant for design and technology.  Thanks to Hoyo Smart Home, our partners are now able to bring innovative IoT products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Come be inspired! Trust our young and motivated team, that shares a common vision for your next project.

We will be doing live demonstrations in our showroom. Because we are believing that “Consumer education is key to expanding the use of IoT into the modern home – and retailers sit on the front lines of that effort”.

Stay tuned for more events announcements this year.



Dashmir Istrefi

Co-Founder & CEO

Jan 31, 2022