Living smart with smart thermostat!

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Smart thermostats are a modern way to control your home's heating and cooling system using technology. They offer many benefits, including saving money, providing energy usage data, and allowing you to control the temperature from anywhere. If you're considering upgrading your home's heating or cooling system, a smart thermostat is worth looking at.

So what are the benefits:

1. Save money

With a smart thermostat, you can schedule the heating or cooling system according to your needs based on what hours you are in your home. You can do this via your phone most simply and easily. This will allow you to use the heat or cooling with increased efficiency and that means you will save money.  It's estimated that you can save up to 15% in cooling and up to 12% in heating costs.

2. Energy Usage Data & Statistics

Smart thermostats can do more than just heat and cool your home. They will inform you about your patterns and how you use the energy. Using real-time data that can help you adjust heating or cooling according to your needs. You do not have to think about your habits, they will suit your preferences, yet this data will affect your costs, by saving you more money.

3. You have control from everywhere 

You can be everywhere and control the thermostat according to your needs. There can be any change in your day, and according to the new situation, in a very simple and easy way, you can change the temperature in your home. This smart solution, used via an app, will give your home the perfect temperature you need. This possibility is perfect if you have a second or vacation home. Not only will you control the heating or cooling when you need it and to your best advantage, but you will receive alerts if there is an unusual change in room temperature. You can monitor, control or set the temperature from a distance as you wish.  

4. Easy to use

Smart thermostats are easy to use. They make it easy to control or schedule heating or cooling. It is as easy as using a smartphone. If they are more advanced, they can also detect movements, sense presence in the rooms, and adjust according to the needs of the people in your home. 

5. Installation

For installing, solutions or more information you can contact Hoyo Home.


Erit Islami

Full-Stack Engineer

Mar 31, 2023