Hoyo Tech among the selected winning applications for the Public call for financing proposed projects – by FITR #Startapuvaj2

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As a recognition of good work, hoyo.ai the newest product from Hoyo Tech is selected from FITR as on of the winning application for financing the project.

hoyo.ai is a sophisticated AI-integrated software made up to serve our Internet of Things applications, predictive data analysis, and machine learning.

Regarding vending devices, Machine Learning and Robust Optimization techniques can significantly improve logistics operations and improve stock quantity and maintenance intervals. Machine Learning will be used to forecast item demands for each of the vending machines, taking into account past demands and calendar effects.

The proposed system will rely on state-of-the-art automated feature engineering methods for selecting robust features from a variety of sensors, which can be used for generating reliable classification and prediction models. By utilizing state-of-the-art classification and deep learning models, hoyo.ai will provide unparalleled performance and benefits.

We will keep you updated with latest development on this project.

Source: https://www.it.mk


Dashmir Istrefi

Co-Founder & CEO

Sep 14, 2020